The evolution of video formats over the past forty years is a great example of how the change from the 1970s analog on videotape (think Sony Betamax and VHS) to digital files on a server is improving our lives.

Legal Video Services is a recognized expert in converting any videotapes, or less-than-optimal digital video files, into a format that can be easily searched or presented during a deposition, conference, mediation or trial.


MP4 video is the most commonly used video format. It can be uploaded onto phones, tablets and computers in HD or SD while being hard drive friendly with relatively small file sizes. The files are easily edited, ready for transcript syncing and great for archiving on servers.


DVDs have been around for decades and are slowly being phased out by manufacturers as the digital revolution is taking over. The quality is okay and ease of use is great, but it’s far too limited in functionality for today’s courtroom. The biggest issue is that once burned the video is locked on the disk. This makes sharing and editing a longer process and the video will lose quality.


Video transcoding is the technical term for changing one digital video format into another. We take hard to open digital video files like CCTV surveillance videos and turn them into a normal playback-friendly video in any modern video format.

wav swf mpg
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Deposition Transcript to Video Syncing

A synced video deposition with the court reporter’s transcript is the most significant technological development in the practice of law in the past 25 years. Using discovery management/trial presentation software, you can search across all depositions for particular words of phrases, and print the results. This software has a number of features that can make your life easier. If you can highlight a transcript, you can make clips, to share and present in mediation or trial. In minutes, objections can be edited out and presented to the jury in a seamless presentation saving time and money.

Image used with permission of inData Corporation

Used with permission of inData Corporation