Preparing for trial or mediation usually includes some video editing. Legal Video Services editors are highly trained and have the experience to create a final product that will add value to your case.

The possibilities are endless. Let us know what you have in mind for your case and we will make it happen!

Deposition Editing

With the transcript and your page and line designations, Legal Video Services can create a seamless trial-ready video deposition. Save time and money by having your video recorded witness ready to go at any time just by pressing play. Check out our trial services.

Highlights and Blurring

In some cases it becomes necessary to highlight a subject in a video to focus the viewers attention. In other cases you may need to blur out areas or faces in the video that are not relevant. We have processed hundreds of hours of video to either make things standout or blur out distracting or objectionable images.

Video Annotations and Graphics

Enhance the power of your video presentation by adding annotations and graphics. Research results indicate that jurors pay more attention, and remember more, when attorneys use multi-media presentation throughout the trial.